presented by Dr. Ronald C. McCurdy

The following is a list of lecture/masterclass topics with a brief description

Jazz Evolution and the African Diaspora
This first of a two-part offering will focus on the ancestral roots of jazz, from traditional African music through spirituals, worksongs, field hollers, gospel and the blues. This session will cover African traditions through the Harlem Renaissance.

Jazz Styles and the Social Context: Jazz in Action!
This session will allow the participants to experience "live" performances of the major jazz styles found in jazz history. A demonstration ensemble composed of TTI faculty will provide examples of the styles ranging from New Orleans Dixieland, swing, bebop, cool, and hard bop. Additionally, each period will be placed into the social, economical, political and religious context it represents.

Developing the Successful Jazz Ensemble
This instrumental approach is designed to assist the jazz director with techniques for developing a successful jazz ensemble. Topics will include physical set-ups, chart selection, rhythm section techniques, developing a concept for swing, rehearsal techniques and basic approaches to jazz improvisation.

Vocal Jazz Techniques for the Developing Ensemble
This session will focus the process of organizing and maintaining a vocal jazz ensemble. The auditioning process, interpretation of jazz notation, ear training, the jazz warm-up and rehearsal techniques will be apart of the discussion for this session. Additionally, beginning improvisation techniques will be addressed.

Jazz Trumpet Techniques
This session will focus on techniques involving performance practices associated with jazz trumpet playing. Sound, articulation, technique will be topics of exploration. Improvisation as it relates to idiomatic devices with the trumpet will also be discussed. Examples of some of the great trumpet legends will be demonstrated.

Rehearsal Tips for the Jazz Ensemble

This session will address the many aspects of preparing a large ensemble for performances. Concepts of interpretation of notation, swinging, rhythm section clues and lead and section playing will be discussed. A demonstration band will be present to help explain many of the rehearsal tips.



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